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Whew!! We survived another round of eclipses in January.

Some stuff got stirred up and now we want to shift with the opportunities that have been presented to us! Get an individual picture on how to harness this AMAZING ENERGY for the rest of the year!

For only $49.00 you will get a clarity reading with a Manifestation BLUEPRINT and a FREE BONUS; The (online) New Moon Intention Circle on Feb 4th!!  


You want to harness spirit; create those special outcomes that are ONLY for you. But how do you get the most from this energy?

That's where my connection with spirit comes in. When we speak I will ask your guides to connect with mine so we can get a real BLUEPRINT to your best outcomes. What to focus on, what tools to use, the details you need to create the BIG or small dream for your own life! The love, the money, the career, the realtionship, the Spiritual calling, the connection with the passed-on loved one, the Spiritual path.... It's all on the other side of your BLUEPRINT! 

Limited Slots Available Just $49.00

Here's everything you get...

Live reading

For 25 Minutes YOU get to ask ANY Question You can Think of to Harness YOUR Year

YOUR Blueprint

We will, in the conclusion, BLUEPRINT specifc points to get the most out of your year.

Email Notifications

Your appoinment will be confirmed and reminders sent prior to your appointment.


Join Ahsaki Kai and many of her talented students for a New Moon Intention Circle on Feb 4th and put MORE ENERGY into those desires!


You will always get the undistorted TRUTH from me. 


Ask ANYTHING you want with no limitations.

Inner Circle

You are automatically added to an exclusive group for specials and opportunities for FREE readings!


Your information and our discussion stays within the confines of our sacred space while on the phone. Your private information will NEVER be shared with anyone. (not even your referrals) 

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do we connect for our appointment?

It's simple. Once you schedule your reading, you'll recieve a confirmation. That same email will give you specifics on how to get the most from your reading. I will contact you at our scheduled appointment time all you have to do is wait for my call! 

What can I expect?

The TRUTH; on any topic. Steps from spirit to manifest what you want along with compassion and a universal focus on LOVE and COMPASSION for yourself and others.


The New Moon Intention Circle (online) This is a gathering f healers and high vibrating energy with tools, guided meditations, and Spirit led intention to harness the energy of the New Moon and MANIFEST! 

You will get an separate email with details on how it works, what to bring with you, what to expect and entry access information.

Can we do video instead of phone?

We sure can!! For just $7.00 additional video is available (also recorded and (recordings) provided by email) 

Why Record Readings?

THIS IS THE BIG ONE!! Manifestation can be hard to see when you are in the middle of it....

Being able to hear words from Spirit in the weeks and months after a reading can often be the KEY to seeing how to move forward.

What do people say about a reading with Ahsaki Kai?

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What do people say about readings with Ahsaki Kai?


25 Minute Blueprint Reading & FREE BONUS New Moon Intention Circle

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